BREAKING: Insider Reveals When the Coyotes Will Announce Their Relocation

Published February 7, 2024 at 4:10 PM
The Arizona Coyotes have been rumored to be potentially on the move for some time now. The team still has no solid plans for their next building and their lease with Arizona State University is coming to an end. Now we know when he will get the next major update in this story.

NHL To Make Major Announcement Regarding Arizona Coyotes After Superbowl

Andy Strickland, who covers the St. Louis Blues, reported today that the NHL has been regularly pressuring the Coyotes for plans to solidify their future in Arizona. However, it seems that there have been no satisfactory answers from the team's ownership as of yet. Now it is expected that the league will make some kind of announcement regarding the team shortly after the Superbowl.

Expect the #NHL to make an announcement related to the Arizona Coyotes situation sometime soon after the Super Bowl. The league has been pressuring the team for answers on a daily basis for some time. The league buying the team from the #Yotes current owners is in play.


NHL To Buy Coyotes Themselves?

On possibility that has not been discussed much is that of the NHL stepping in and directly buying the Coyotes back from ownership. However, Strickland does mention this possibility here, leading many to believe that this could be the plan for the team, should ownership not be able to provide solid plans for a new arena shortly. Were the NHL to do this, it would free the league to do basically whatever they want with the team, including relocating them to Salt Lake City. One possible hint at this outcome came from NHL insider Kevin Weekes, who posted the following cryptic post on X featuring a picture of Salt Lake City.

Weekes has been known to make cryptic posts like this but when he does, something major usually does follow and he is often not far off from reality. Could this be the end of the Coyotes as we know them? Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks to find out.