MANAGEMENT offers a free tool to easily manage your MLB baseball office pool online. In just a few clicks, you are running your own baseball pool. 100% free, the platform is simple and the incredible number of statistics and standings is updated every night. The live stats are included in every poo and there is no limit of poolers per pool. In addition, a bulletin board and forum allows trades between the players. Of course, keeps the previous year's statistics always available. Why pay?
The commissioner manages everything. He starts by establishing the pool rules, then he creates a team for each pooler and enters all picks for them.
The commissioner starts by establishing the pool rules and creates selection rounds. Once this is done, anyone can join them by simply entering the pool quick access id and picking a player in each round to create their team.
In order to make a trade, you simply have to go in the menu MANAGEMENT / POOLERS, click on the pooler and on the name of the player. There is 3 status on
Switch the status from active to traded and enter the dates for which the pts must count. Finally, add a player and also change the status from active to traded and enter the starting date.