Dylan Guenther of the Arizona Coyotes.
Photo credit: PHNX Sports

State of Arizona Punishes Two Coyotes Rookies for Unpaid Debts

Published March 9, 2024 at 6:24 PM

The Arizona Coyotes are clearly struggling for a new arena, but a new report has revealed that some of their players may be struggling too.

Guenther and McBain punished by the state of Arizona

With both players on very low salaries, a report has now been revealed surrounding Arizona Coyotes teammates Dylan Guenther and Jack McBain.

According to the report, the players have had their water turned off by the state of Arizona as they failed to pay their utility bill.

Arizona Coyotes' Dylan Guenther and teammate Jack McBain had their water turned off this week after they did not pay their utility bill.

Fans all over social media were quick to clown the two young players, and given the Coyotes struggles financially over the past few years, the jokes simply write themselves.

With Guenther (20) and McBain (24) both being very young, this is something they may not have learnt yet, but with solid NHL money and bright futures ahead of them, someone better begin teaching them very, very soon.
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