Insider Drops a Bombshell on Phil Kessel's Future in the NHL

Published December 7, 2023 at 2:07 PM
This NHL insider just dropped a bombshell on Phil Kessel's potential future in the NHL, and if he will be playing in the league this season.

Chris Johnston Reveals Kessel's Intent to Play This Season

Phil Kessel, a reigning Stanley Cup Champion, remains unsigned this season, which is now well underway. As teams continue to shore up their rosters, will any of them have room for Kessel?

Insider Chris Johnston has revealed that Kessel has every intention to play this season, staying game ready and looking at every option available to him.


"Phil has wanted to return the whole time, He was reluctant to go to a team's training camp on a tryout contract, so didn't do that. But, you know he's continued to skate. He's living in Arizona, keeping himself game read. There have been ongoing discussions. There was something in October that was very close, like he was going to get a contract but that obviously didn't happen. The weeks become months, is it all for him?

"In his mind and heart, he hopes not, and so it's going to take one team who is serious enough to give him a chance. He is still the NHL's active ironman. He's just looking to sign somewhere and keep playing. If that team doesn't want to dress him on back to back nights or have him as an extra forward. I think he would be to some of those opportunities. Only time will tell if Phil Kessel is back in the NHL. But certainly it's his desire to get back there."

Kessel Would Need to Play on a Discount at This Point

The troubling thing about trying to find a contract this late in the season is trying to fit into a team's cap space. Many teams either have no cap space available or want to keep some open for future moves at the deadline.

Somebody sign Phil Kessel. I mean what the f*ck are we doing here? Jesus Christ

Finding a home will be difficult for Kessel, but not impossible. Teams looking for a good bottom-six player at the deadline with playoff experience will undoubtedly give Kessel a call, it will just depend if Kessel is willing to play at a price that fits their cap situation.

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