Boston Bruins defenseman Parker Wotherspoon shoving forward Matthew Tkachuk after he was kicked by Tkachuk.
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Matthew Tkachuk facing controversy for disgusting dirty play

Published March 31, 2024 at 6:25 PM

This afternoon Panthers superstar Matthew Tkachuk is facing major backlash from his actions in a recent game. He can be seen dangerously using his skate. Now fans are questioning why he hasn't been punished.

Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk has always been known for playing right at the line of what is allowed. This continued the other night when the Panthers played the Boston Bruins. Matthew Tkachuk was in a puck battle by the benches with Bruins defenseman Parker Wotherspoon as he is on the ground Matthew Tkachuk looks to try and kick his opponent with the blade of his skate.

Matthew Tkachuk tries to kick out at Parker Wotherspoon with his skate blade. No call on the Panthers forward, and the Bruins end up shorthanded

Using the skate to try and intentionally hurt another player is always unacceptable and vile. However, given the events of this hockey season with several injuries and an unfortunate passing in the case of Adam Johnson Matthew Tkahcuk's are even more disgusting.

Matthew Tkachuk does not face discipline for dangerous act on the ice

Despite the reckless actions taken by Matthew Tkachuk in that situation, he has not faced punishment. In the game, no penalty was given to him. After the game, he also was not subjected to further discipline or even questions from the media about his acts.

At a certain point, the NHL needs to protect these players from themselves. In this case that would mean punishing Matthew Tkachuk with at least a fine for being so reckless on the ice.

In the long term making sure that cut-resistant undergarments as well as neck guards are mandatory in the NHL. These neck guard and protective gear mandates are measures already taken in many other leagues and the NHL needs to follow them so that they can protect their players.
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