Elliotte Friedman Reveals the Path for Salt Lake City to Join the NHL

Published December 7, 2023 at 12:30
With more talk about where the next expansion NHL team will be, an NHL insider has just revealed the pathway for the potential next NHL team.

Elliotte Friedman Reveals Pathway For This Expansion City

Elliotte Friedman on his latest version of 32 Thoughts he revealed the pathway for Salt Lake City to become the next NHL expansion city.

Apropos of nothing, the International Olympic Committee bestowed Salt Lake City with «preferred bidder» status for the 2034 Winter Games. Basically, it means the organizing committee enters exclusive talks with the IOC to close the deal. (The official decision will be made next July.) A successful Olympic bid means a new arena for hockey, which makes Utah an even more attractive (and likely) NHL destination.

A successful bid for the Olympics would make it easier for the NHL to bring an NHL team to Utah and with the Owner of the Utah Jazz, Ryan Smith saying he wants an NHL team in Utah it could be a matter of time before Salt Lake has a NHL team.

Rumors have stood to show Salt Lake as a front runner for the next expansion with the other city being thrown out being Quebec City rejoining the NHL.

Salt Lake or Quebec City For Next Expansion?

With both of these cities being the most popular names for the next expansion the case for both cities are quite strong.

Starting with Quebec City, they already have an arena that can house an NHL team and the community is looking for a team to return to the NHL. However it does not seem like Gary Bettman and the NHL want another team in Quebec.

Salt Lake City seems like the more realistic option especially if they host the Winter Games in 2034, the NHL would be leaning towards this location. For the NHL, Utah has never had an NHL team and would help expand the NHL furthermore in the US.

There is no confirmation on when or if another NHL expansion would be coming, however the league continues to grow.