Bettman Highlights His Greed as He Refuses to Pay for a Player's Neck Guard

Published December 3, 2023 at 11:49
Gary Bettman has shown his true colours again as this player has struggled to get a neck guard through the NHL.

Players Increasingly Wear Neck Guards After Adam Johnson Tragedy

Since the tragic accident that occurred to Adam Johnson, many NHL players have decided to wear neck guards. While not every player does, nor is it mandated yet, players from across the league have begun dipping their toes into wearing them, even for games.

Danila Klimovich is back in the Abbotsford lineup and is wearing a neck guard. #Canucks


Bertuzzi, Giordano and Benoit all wearing neck guards at Leafs practice

#Sabres Rasmus Dahlin wearing neck protection in tonight's game against the Flyers.

However, it is not the case that every player has been given the same access to neck guards across the league. When Rangers forward Nick Bonino tried to order an undershirt with a built-in neck guard through the NHL, it took too long to arrive, and he was forced to order one from Amazon.

Bonino said he actually tried to order an undershirt with built-in neck protector from NHL suppliers the day after the Johnson incident, but hasn't received it. That's why he went through Amazon.

While it is likely that Bonino's order did come in, when it comes to a piece of safety equipment, its a little alarming that it took the NHL so long to fulfill his order.

NHL and NHLPA Look to Discuss Potential Equipment Rule Changes for Neck Guards

The NHL and NHL Players Association will most definitely be discussing equipment mandates during this offseason. The decision to mandate neck guards is likely a smart one, but will have to come from the top if it wants to be effectively implemented.

Gary Bettman says he would "strongly encourage" players to wear cut-proof neck protection, but acknowledges that the NHL must work with the NHLPA before making any mandatory equipment changes.

As seen on House of Hockey - "The NHL Proves It Is Not Doing Enough For Player Safety After The Adam Johnson Tragedy"