Scary Scene as Top Prospect is Knocked Unconscious During Game

Published November 30, 2023 at 11:29
A scary scene happened in the Czechia Extraliga pro league that saw a 17-year-old prospect knocked unconscious during the game.

Prospect Knocked Unconscious During Pro Game After Receiving Monster Hit

As prospects get better and better each year, many of them are anxious to get into a pro league somewhere to continue their development. However, this may not be the smartest move, as many are still young and not fully developed, which could lead to some dangerous physical hits.

This was the case during a game in the Czechia Extraliga pro league, as 17-year-old Adam Jiricek was knocked unconscious by 27-year-old Jan Scotka.

Here was the hit on 17-year-old, 152-pound defenceman Adam Jiricek in the Czechia Extraliga by 27-year-old, 201-pound Jan Scotka yesterday. Exhibit A for why you shouldn't rush kids into men's leagues. This wasn't easy to watch.

The play was the perfect storm for disaster, as the young forward tried to receive a hospital pass up the middle, and Scotka laid the massive hit a tad bit early. The hit was penalized and drew some attention after the play.

Jiricek Hopefully to Recover From Potential Injury

There is little question as to whether or not Jiricek received a concussion on the play, as that is highly likely given he was knocked out. This is especially unfortunate news, as Jiricek was pegged to make the Czech World Junior team this year, which might not happen now.

Hoping Jiricek is alright but he is almost certainly concussed. He was a decent bet to make Czechia's World Junior team - that may no longer be the case.

With the World Juniors a month away, hopefully, he can make his return for what is one of the biggest scouting events of the year.

As seen on Blade of steel - "17-year-old player playing in men's league gets TKO'd"