Canadian team aggressively trying to trade for Alexis Lafreniere

Published June 2, 2023 at 2:04 PM
It appears a Canadian team would like to bring 2020 first-overall pick Alexis Lafreniere back to his homeland.

Canadian team aggressively trying to trade for Lafreniere

To say Alexis Lafreniere has underperformed would be an understatement. Throughout 216 total NHL games, Lafreniere has scored only 91 points. A far cry from what he was projected to do in the NHL.

Considered the best QMJHL prospect since Sidney Crosby, Lafreniere scored 112 points in 52 games in his draft year.


Now, a Canadian team is looking to give Lafreniere a fresh start.

Vancouver would be an interesting location for Lafreniere. If he is put in a situation where he can succeed, alongside Elias Petterson and Andrei Kuzmenko, he could potentially be a point-per-game player.

However, if he is put on the third line in Vancouver, he could continue to fill out as a bust. It will be dependent on Canucks head coach Rick Tocchet to deploy Lafreniere correctly.

There could be other teams that pursue Lafreniere such as the Montreal Canadiens with Lafreniere being a native of Quebec. If the Rangers were to trade him, he would certainly get a better opportunity in whatever city he goes to.

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