Family of Boris Sadecky releases statement thanking fans, revealing his cause of death

Published November 5, 2021 at 5:52 PM
The family of Boris Sadecky, the hockey player who collapsed to the ice during a game in Austria last weekend and died in hospital four days later, has released a statement where they talk about the issue that led to his death. Sadecky was playing with the Bratislava Capitals of the Austrian-based ICE Hockey League near the end of the first period in a game against the Dornbirn Bulldogs. The statement, written by his girlfriend on behalf of his immediate family members, goes into great detail on Sadecky's final days and what the doctors determined before and after he passed away.

"Like any death of a young person, Boris' death raises many questions. Although we do not know the answers to many of them ourselves, we would like to provide you with the information we do have," reads the statement.

"Today we know that Boris had a mild inflammation of the heart muscle on the day of the collapse. So mild and insignificant that he himself did not even know that something was wrong with his heart," the statement continued. "The doctors had to do several repeat examinations to be sure of the inflammation."

"This cardiac inflammation probably caused his heart to stop working during the match. He received top-notch medical care the following days. No one dared to guess how long his brain had been without oxygen and when would be a good time to bring him out of his medically-induced coma. The worst-case scenario we feared to even think about was confirmed on Wednesday afternoon when doctors declared brain death. Just as he was constantly surrounded and supported by his immediate family during the final days of his most difficult struggle, he was surely in the thoughts and prayers of many of you. Thank you for all the support shown."


The family said in the statement that doctors have determined that Sadecky's death was in no way COVID-19 related.

"We can confirm that the doctors have ruled out COVID-19 in Boris. At the same time, any thoughts on the subject of vaccination are just idle speculation, and we humbly ask that they not be spread. It is important that the life message of our Boris is spread."

"We all loved Boris. He was a great athlete and an even better person. He was good-natured, and selfless. Health was a priority with him. He spread nothing but goodness and optimism throughout his life. "

Meanwhile, the story surrounding Sadecky's death took a dark twist on Friday after the GM of the Bratislava Capitals, the team Sadecky was playing for when he collapsed, was found dead in his home. You can read more about that here.