Retired Maple Leafs Enforcer Publicly Fires Shots at Sheldon Keefe

Published February 10, 2024 at 7:15 PM
Former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Jay Rosehill has gone on a Leafs podcast and has called for the Leafs to move on from Sheldon Keefe!

Rosehill calls for coaching change

The Maple Leafs are comfortably in the playoffs this season, but aren't meeting the expectations set from the previous years. They sit currently 12th in the NHL overall standings which is far below compared to the last 2 years where they are always on the top half of the top ten, and defensively have been abysmal, sitting 2nd in NHL goals against.

Since December 4th Domi has four goals, Kampf has three goals, Knies has two goals, McMann two goals, Holmberg two goals, Gregor two goals. Bertuzzi one goal since December 1st, twenty seven games for $5.5M. If your not putting the puck in the net what the hell are you doing? You better be a shut down man, an energy man, a physical body punishing guy, a PKer supreme, blocking shots. You better do all that stuff, but no. The Core 4 has to go out and do all that **** too. Whether you want to blame Keefe for putting the load on them and not giving them the opportunity. The production just isn't there from the depth players on the front end at all."
, Rosehill ranted on the podcast.

He calls out the Leafs lack of depth and can't really put a finger on whether it is on them or the head coach Sheldon Keefe.

We really think if Leafs continue to fail at their set expectations, a coaching change will come now until the next season.

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