Rangers Owner Vetoes Blockbuster Trade for Selfish Reason

Published February 7, 2024 at 9:43
A report that came out last night shocked the hockey world. Owner of the New York Rangers James Dolan has vetoed a trades this season on his team's behalf for a ridiculous reason.

NHL Insider Confirms Rangers Owner Is Limiting What The Team Can Trade

A new report that came in from NHL insider Darren Dreger confirmed that the New York Rangers would like to add a center to help them contend. However, Dreger went on to say that a ridiculous limitation was set by owner James Dolan on the Rangers front office. According to Dreger, the Rangers will not be moving their First-Round pick due to a directive from James Dolan.

"Yeah, (complications) including their 1st round pick in 2024. The New York Rangers would like to add a forward, I'm told they did make an offer for Elias Lindholm... but that after was clearly not accepted. James Dolan wants to protect the 2024 1st round pick so that the Rangers can be part of the spotlight at the Draft at the Sphere because Dolan is also the owner of the Sphere in Vegas. The Rangers want to be part of the spectacle in Vegas."


Dolan the owner of The Sphere where the draft will be held wants his team to be a part of the First Round that night. As a result, the Rangers will need to dangle their 2025 pick instead.

Can The Rangers Find A Center Without Their 2024 First Rounder?

Regardless of whether or not their 2024 First Round pick is available the Rangers still need a number two center. With Filip Chytil out for the remainder of the season, the need only increases.

With the 2025 NHL Draft looking to be a strong one from early viewings the picks could be valuable. However, the Rangers will likely need to give up more due to the unknowns of a draft a year out.

Unless James Dolan changes his tune Rangers fans might not want to get their hopes up for a major acquisition at the trade deadline this season.

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