Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers.
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Matt Rempe Under Fire for Disgusting and Disrespectful Off-Ice Actions

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:38 PM

Matt Rempe has quickly made a name for himself in the NHL, but recently it appears he has taken it too far with a fan signing.

While he may be beloved by New York Rangers fans, Matt Rempe is becoming one of the most hated players in the NHL by opposing fans, and actions such as these recent ones off the ice aren't helping. During a recent autograph signing, one Rangers fan accused Matt Rempe of signing a photograph of Nathan Bastian, taken just moments after the 21-year injured him with a shot to the head.

My friend saw this on Facebook today.

Rempe is a scumbag

Imagine signing a photo of a player you injured that you aren't even IN?

This photo was taken moments after this dirty hit from Rempe, which ultimately cost him a match penalty against the rival New Jersey Devils.

Since that point, Matt Rempe has also been suspended for a hit to the head (causing a concussion) to New Jersey's Jonas Siegenthaler, and while he's vowed to be much safer, this type of act off the ice doesn't lend itself well to believability.

The young menace has also shown off his fighting skills in his career, taking on some of the NHL's heavyweights in Nicolas Deslaurier, Ryan Reaves and Matt Martin among others, drawing significant attention to himself. It's been a tough way to start an NHL career, but standing at 6-foot-7, he knows that he can physically impose himself on a game, so hopefully he can tone down his play and extend his career for a long, long time to come.

At 21-years of age and just 12 games into his NHL career in the biggest media market in the world, Rempe still has plenty to learn going forward, and if he doesn't get his behavior under control, it could cost him in a big way.

Source: Matt Rempe Caught Committing Disgusting and Disrespectful Gesture
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