Massive Trade Rumour Between the Leafs and Sharks Goes Viral

Published November 19, 2023 at 10:09 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks are emerging as potential trade partners as this blockbuster deal is going viral online.

Leafs And Sharks Could Make Perfect Trade Partners As Hertl Wants Out of San Jose

It's no question that the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to make a run for the Stanley Cup this season. To do so, however, they will need to build up their roster from what they currently have. While they mainly need help on defense, they will also need to improve their offensive depth.

Enter the San Jose Sharks, a team looking to dump their assets in order to rebuild. Notably, Tomas Hertl is looking for a fresh start somewhere else, and the Leafs are emerging as a good fit.

Tomas Hertl buries Zetterlund's terrific pass for a power play goal, tying it up at 2 for San Jose!

San Jose will want to get Hertl off the books as he still has 7 years left on his deal. To make it work with Toronto, they would have to hold some of his salary, and they may also be desperate enough to throw in defenseman Ty Emberson, a young right-hander who could help out the struggling Leaf blueline.

The Leafs Would Have to Trade Domi To the Sharks to Make It Work

To bring in Hertl and his salary, the Leafs would have to part ways with third-liner Max Domi. The Leafs may be hesitant to make the move as Domi has seemingly been the missing piece to their third-line production, and because of the nostalgia he gives the Leafs fanbase. However, Domi has yet to score a goal, and Hertl would be an upgrade.

Tie Domi before the Leafs' game in the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2003 [📸Dave Sandord]


Max Domi before the Leafs' game in Avicii Arena (formerly the Globe) in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2023 [📸Mark Blinch]

Max Domi is playing as well as a forward with 0 goals possibly can

If the Sharks are willing to make something work and send Hertl and a defenseman to the Leafs for Domi, the Leafs might be kicking themselves if they didn't accept for sentimental reasons.

As seen on Hockey Unplugged - "Massive Trade Speculates Around The Toronto Maple Leafs And The San Jose Sharks"