The Real Reason Patrick Kane Left the Rangers Emerges

Published November 18, 2023 at 9:26
As Patrick Kane gets closer to signing a contract, more details have emerged on the real reason he decided not to sign with the New York Rangers.

Rangers Just Don't Have the Salary Cap Room To Make A Deal Happen Soon

Patrick Kane is gearing up to sign a contract soon and is reportedly hoping to do so in the immediate future. Among the top rumoured teams are Buffalo and Detroit, however, it has recently been reported that Toronto and Colorado have expressed interest as well.

Unfortunately for Rangers fans, they are likely losing out on Kane. According to Frank Seravalli, this is due to their significant cap constraints.


"The latest on Kane is that the interview process is ongoing. He is talking to teams, we just talked about the New York Rangers. Surprising to hear a couple days ago from Larry Brooks and the New York Post that the Rangers are out. Part of that is an actual salary cap mechanism issue.

Kane wants to sign soon, like in the next eight days, hopefully by the end of next week so we can stop answering this question. But he wants to sign soon and the way the Rangers are structured right now with those guys, especially Adam Fox being out, they don't actually have any extra cap space, even $1 million, to be able to get something like that done."

While Kane is getting older, its unlikely he will sign somewhere for under a million and change, so this makes it nearly impossible for the Rangers to get something done quickly.

Buffalo Has Confirmed They Are in Contact With Kane

With his hopes of signing a deal in the next few weeks, the Buffalo Sabres appear to be leading the way in terms of where Kane is most likely to sign. Their GM Kevyn Adams has confirmed that they have been in contact with Kane since he became a free agent.

Sabres GM Kevyn Adams on Patrick Kane:

"Yeah we are a team that checked in on him once he became a free agent, and we asked them to keep us posted and that's what they've done We'll see where it goes from there."

It appears that we might see the Kane sweepstakes wrap up soon as he is getting close to signing a deal.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "It's Now Clear Why Patrick Kane Chose to Depart and Not Re-sign with the Rangers"