Gary Bettman Sends a Threat to NHL Owner

Published November 17, 2023 at 9:45 PM
Michael Andlauer's acquisition of the Ottawa Senators was surrounded by much anticipation, but his initial tenure has been far from smooth. Since taking over, Andlauer has faced a series of challenges, including having to dismiss a General Manager, dealing with a player's gambling-related suspension, the team's underperformance, and the loss of a first-round pick due to the previous management's mistakes.

Bettman Sends a Threat to Andlauer

Andlauer's frustrations were apparent early in his tenure, as he publicly questioned the circumstances he inherited. His comments caught the attention of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. In a media appearance, Bettman issued a veiled warning to Andlauer, suggesting that he might eventually come to terms with how things were handled.

This interaction between Bettman and Andlauer hints at a tense dynamic, with Bettman seemingly urging the new Senators owner to accept the situation and move forward. This scenario has been covered in detail on the Blade of Steel website, highlighting the complexities and challenges faced by new team owners in the NHL.


Maybe on reflection, Michael will be, if he's not already, more comfortable with the way things were handled.

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