Struggling Canadian Team Hits a New Low: Relocation Looming?

Published January 30, 2024 at 7:10
Over the past several years NHL expansion as well as relocation have been a hot topic. Today one team has hit a new all-time low that has led to speculation of potential relocation.

Struggling Canadian Team On The Verge Of Relocation?

A recent finding by a user on X has noticed that one NHL team is struggling mightily to get fans into seats. The Ottawa Senators while maintaining multiple sellouts in a row have had tickets being sold for just $6.


These types of low ticket prices are only seen in markets with bad teams that struggle to fill the building already. This means the Ottawa Senators have a major problem on their hands. It will be the job of the new owner Michael Andlauer to fix this problem going forward.

Will Ottawa Consider Relocation?

When Michael Andlauer bought the team there were no talks of the team being moved. However, with their current situation, it could become a conversation.

The Senators arena is already difficult to access and when the Senators are bad it makes coming out to a game not worth the effort. With this in mind the Senators likely do need a new home. The question then becomes where do they go?

They could of course move to a more attractive location within Ottawa. This would likely be the NHL's primary option as the Senators are a historic Canadian market for hockey at this point.

If Ottawa becomes out of the question then other locations like Quebec City could be in play. Andlauer was a Montreal Canadiens fan before buying the Senators so moving the Sens to Quebec could be attractive.

If for some reason Andlauer wanted to get out from owning the Senators the Utah ownership group could swoop in but that feels unlikely.

Over the next few months it will be interesting to see if arena talk around Ottawa begins to pick up. This is of course a developing situation and as updates are provided we will pass them along to you.