MAJOR: Another Insider Leaks Patrick Kane's Most Likely Destination

Published September 28, 2023 at 7:13 PM
Patrick Kane has reportedly been ramping up his training after suffering a major injury. Since the news of his impending return has come up insiders have been hearing more chatter about interested teams.

Insider Leaks One Team Has Tremendous Interest In Kane

Today an NHL insider Darren Dreger let a massive piece of info about Kane's next destination leak. According to Dreger one eastern conference team has tremendous interest in bringing on Patrick Kane.

Darren Dreger on Sabres Live says that the Sabres have «tremendous» interest in Patrick Kane


Here is the full clip of Dreger when he joined the Sabres Live crew this morning.

This is not the first time that the Buffalo Sabres have been mentioned in the Kane sweepstakes. Since he is from Buffalo many insiders and fans have made the natural connection. Dreger's announcement of the Sabres' interest in Kane was met with an interesting reaction from Sabres fans.

Sabres Fans Push Back Against Kane To Buffalo

After the clip was posted to social media Sabres fans began to respond to the Kane to Buffalo rumours. Many of the fans were not on board with bringing the future Hall of Famer home to Buffalo.

Please Kevyn no

He was terrible defensively b4 he ever got hurt. Last thing we need is another bad defensive forward. We already have several.

Please no.

Many Sabres fans do not see the fit or the point of bringing Patrick Kane in. It has been well-documented that he is not the offensive producer he used to be. He is also defensively bad which is already a struggle for Buffalo.

Beyond that Kane has a troubled past with partying and getting in trouble when he has been in Buffalo before. He has matured and grown a lot since then but returning to a place where trouble has happened before isn't usually a good thing.

The Sabres are still likely to pursue Kane and be one of the finalists to get him. If he were to sign the Sabres have plenty of cap space to fit him in. Playing time and the stunted development of younger players is really the biggest risk of bringing in Kane.

It will be interesting to see how Kevyn Adams and Don Granato two individuals who have talked so much about culture approach the Patrick Kane situation going forward.