Detroit Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde on the bench for a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Steve Yzerman Reportedly Considering Firing Head Coach Derek Lalonde

Published April 1, 2024 at 5:30 PM

The Detroit Red Wings have had a disappointing season as they've fallen out of a playoff spot in the second half. Now general manager Steve Yzerman is considering relieving head coach Derek Lalonde of his duties.

This information comes curtesy of Detroit Hockey Now reporter Bob Duff. He reported today that Yzerman is considering making a change at the head coach position. Given the team's play since the All-Star break, this is not particularly surprising. Given where the team was at earlier in the season, failing to make the playoffs should be seen as a failure on the coahcing staff's part.

Per Bob Duff at Detroit Hockey Now. The Red Wings may be looking at a coaching change.
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Interestingly, CSKA Moscow of the KHL just announced a few days ago that they have parted ways with head coach Sergei Fedorov. Fedorov is an all-time great Red Wing, having spent much of his career with the team. He could be a potential option to replace Lalonde should Yzerman feel the change is necessary.

With two Gagarin Cups in three seasons, the Sergei Fedorov's era in CSKA has ended.

Fan pressure builds for Yzerman to replace head coach

At the same time, Red Wings fans are growing increasingly impatient with the team's front office. One particular complaint has been about the coaching staff, with Lalonde taking the brunt of the blame as head coach. Many fans have pointed out his usage of the team's defenseman doesn't make much sense.

Jeff Petry is so bad it's not even worth criticizing anymore. It's now moved into how this guy *still* gets ice time. Derek Lalonde continuing to stick his neck out for him speaks volumes about his decision making

Other fans have blamed him for the fact that the team has fallen out of the playoffs. The team's recent seven-game losing streak put a few more nails in the coffin. Notably, the team was without their captain Dylan Larkin for a long stretch, but it ultimately falls on the coaching staff to find ways to win in the absence of such a player. After all, the loss of a single player should not be the difference between making the playoffs or not. Especially considering the fact that the Red Wings signed Patrick Kane, who has been very good for them.

How much is Derek Lalonde to blame for this season going off the rails?

I think he has a lot of blame on his shoulders. The losing streak was full-stop unacceptable and that falls on him. Larkin missing extended time was not ideal but the team can't just wilt w/o him.

Source BladeofSteel: Detroit Red Wings and Steve Yzerman may fire coach
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