Shocking Full Details of Mike Babcock's Resignation are Revealed

Published September 17, 2023 at 6:21 PM
In breaking news today, Mike Babcock stepped down from his position as head coach of the Blue Jackets. We now know more details on the investigation into his actions.

Details of the Investigation Revealed Babcock Twisted the Truth in His Statement

The investigation into Babcock was the result of reports that he was forcing players to show him the photos on their phones. In his statement, he said that these reports were blown out of proportion, as he just wanted to get to know his players.

New details have emerged that show that isn't the case.


Mike Babcock went through young Blue Jackets players' phones for ‘several minutes', away from any team facility and without management's knowledge.

The players privately expressed their discomfort afterwards. Babcock analyzed their photos, scrolling through several different apps and messages for quite some time.

In his initial statement, Babcock said it was voluntary but it is now widely reported that it was not, and players took turns getting their phones examined by him.

Babcock stepped down as head coach today.

It is clear that scrolling through a player's phone and apps is quite different than asking to see pictures of their family, the former being a blatant invasion of privacy.

Difference is in the Details When it Comes To How Coaches Treat Players

Ultimately, the NHL is a workplace, and coaches need to respect players the same way a boss would respect their employees. It seems that Babcock never understood this, and that has likely led to him never being involved in the NHL again.

Sources say #CBJ and Mike Babcock are indeed parting ways.

Investigation by #NHLPA left no path for Babcock to continue as coach. Much of last 24-48 hours was spent negotiating his exit.

Strong message sent: Treat all players with respect, as you would in any proper workplace.

Mike Babcock was already on thin ice, after being fired from his job in Toronto for similar reports of toxic actions. After it broke that he was doing similar things in Columbus, the NHLPA was quick to begin an investigation that ultimately saw his termination.