Connor McDavid and Allan Walsh criticize Gary Bettman for refusing to host best-on-best tournament like the WBC

Published March 22, 2023 at 4:09 PM
The World Baseball Championship is underway and drawing incredible ratings.

A true best-on-best international tournament in hockey is what literally everyone wants, but Gary Bettman and NHL owners continue to shut it down. Player agent Allan Walsh - as per usual - criticized Bettman for his persistence in the matter.

"See the iconic showdown between Ohtani and Trout at WBC? Gary Bettman and the owners have robbed NHL players and the fans of Olympics and World Cups. A generation of NHL stars have never represented their countries best on best. It's such a lost opportunity for everyone."


Walsh isn't the only one calling for the NHL to loosen its stance. The NHL's best player and biggest star - Connor McDavid - echoed Walsh's plea, saying that everyone wants a best-on-best international hockey tournament.

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey was a smashing success, yet we've never gotten another one seven years later. It's a travesty.

Connor McDavid said: "It's what we've been asking for in hockey for a long time, right? Best-on-best... 'Did you see Ohtani vs Trout?' That's what hockey's been missing for almost a decade now."

For context to those who do not follow baseball, Shohei Ohtani (Japan) and Mike Trout (USA) are teammates with the Los Angeles Angels and two of the best players to ever live. Ohtani one of the best pitchers (and hitters), Trout one of the best hitters.

The two faced off in WBC action, making for a duel of the century. Top of the 9th, 3-2 ball game...truly a spectacle.