Paralyzed Olympian Releases Heartbreaking Statement

Published December 1, 2023 at 8:28 PM
The last couple of days have been filled with concern for Olympic hockey player Sanni Hakala after she had a major injury accident during a recent game.

Hakala Left Paralyzed After On-Ice Tragedy

November 30th was a terrifying day for the hockey community. Sources reported that Olympian Sanni Hakala had to be stretchered off the ice after colliding with the post head-first.

Very sad news on Finnish national team player Sanni Hakala who, while playing for HV71 in Sweden collided head-first with the net. The 26-year, who has represented in two Olympics and four Worlds, is paralyzed from the chest down, with reduced function in the arms and hands.


Reports indicated that Hakala had been left paralyzed from the chest down due to this collision. There were still diagnoses and long-term prognoses being made. Now Hakala herself has released a statement.

Hakala Speaks For The First Time Since Life Changing Accident

On Friday Hakala made a statement regarding her accident and the days since then.

"It's still hard to understand what has happened, that the crash into the goal post was as serious as it was, that the consequences have become so big. Not only that I am forced to stop playing hockey, something that has been a big part of my life for many years, but that I may be forced to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of my life."
"The injury I sustained last Friday after colliding with the goal post has left me paralyzed from the chest down, with reduced function in my arms and hands."
"That's the reality I'm trying to land in. I understand that I am now facing a long and hard fight with my body and the toughest game of my life. I have had amazing support from my family from day one and I know that they will be by my side throughout the whole journey. Without them by my side this would not have been possible."
"And for all the support I've received from friends, fans, and clubs from all around the world, I want to say THANK YOU! Your concerns and your support mean the world to me and my family in this tough situation. And an equally big thank you to all the medical staff who have taken care."
"Now I need to focus all my energy on the rehabilitation so that I can recover as well as possible. Therefore, me and HV71 will not leave any further comments regarding my injury situation and I ask you all to show consideration and respect to me and my
"This situation obviously sucks but I'm not scared to take it on. I don't know what I'm going to do next but I know it will be f**ing awesome."

Hakala sounds as though she understands the difficult times she is about to encounter. At the same time, she seems to be keeping a positive attitude that she will come back and do incredible things. She also thanks all those who have wished her well in her recovery.

We wish Hakala a speedy recovery back to what her new normal will be. We also hope that we will be able to see her in the hockey community going forward despite the end of her playing career.