Frank Seravalli Confirms Several Details of Corey Perry's Termination

Published November 29, 2023 at 6:29 PM
Corey Perry has been surrounded by a ton of controversy this week. After being placed on waivers yesterday NHL insider Frank Servalli has some new information on the pending termination of Perry's contract.

Perry Placed On Waivers In Order To Terminate Contract

Yesterday Corey Perry was placed on unconditional waivers for the purpose of contract termination. Today he learned his fate as he cleared waivers paving the way for the Blackhawks to release him.

Corey Perry clears, contract will be terminated by Chicago


Since his termination new information has come out about Perry's transgressions that led to his release. These details come from respected NHL insider Frank Seravalli.

Seravalli Confirms Several New Key Details In Perry Story

Frank Seravalli wrote a feature piece today diving into the Corey Perry situation. In the article, he referenced the alleged incident that led to Perry's release. According to Seravalli, an alcohol-fueled incident happened with sponsors and team personnel in attendance.

According to sources, an alcohol-fueled incident involving Perry was alleged to have occurred during an event that included corporate partners and team employees in attendance. It remains unclear what allegedly took place, who witnessed it, and who reported it to the team.

Seravalli also was able to point out a few things we were able to learn from Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson's comments.

1) Perry's alleged misconduct does not involve a criminal investigation; 2) the NHL was made aware of the Blackhawks' investigation but this was a «team incident and team decision;» 3) Perry has not been suspended by the NHL and if he was claimed on waivers on Wednesday presumably would have been free to continue playing.

That has left many other team executives and agents to wonder whether Perry's alleged misconduct would have risen to the same level in any other organization outside of Chicago

With these points being brought up it further adds to the need for context as to what exactly Perry did. Clearly, it was enough to be released by the Blackhawks. As of now, we are not aware if other teams know what he did. If not they are staying away from him based on statements and decisions made by Chicago.

Seravalli's findings are another step in the pursuit of the truth in this matter. As the weeks and months go by more information is likely to become available. When that information is released we will provide it to you.

As #Blackhawks terminate Corey Perry's contract, we're mostly left with more questions than answers.

Including: Given the lack of information, does Chicago have the ability to terminate a player for alleged inappropriate but not illegal conduct?