Connor Bedard during a game with the Chicago Blackhawks.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Viral Video Emerges Showing Connor Bedard's True Colours

Published March 24, 2024 at 1:43 PM

A viral video of Connor Bedard is making its way around social media showing his true colours during warmups for how he treats Chicago Blackhawk fans.

Connor Bedard has had one of the fastest rises to complete stardom in nearly any professional sport. Ever since his first overall selection, he has emerged as the face of the NHL, doing interviews with greats such as Sidney Crosby, and being shown all over every broadcast.

This type of fame could easily get to the head of a young person like Connor Bedard, and no one would blame him. At just 18, he is still so young, and yet is becoming one of the most famous hockey players in the world. Despite this, Bedard has remained steady in his work ethic, putting in the hours to remain the great player he is.

Connor Bedard continues to show how great he is as a person and not only as a hockey player.

During warmups of a recent game, Connor Bedard was caught on video giving a fan a puck over the glass. After an attempt to get the puck to the fan, Connor Bedard ensured that the correct fan got a puck, showing just how much he cares about every interaction. The video quickly went viral because of how wholesome it was.

The Blackhawks truly have something special when it comes to Bedard, as he isn't just the star they needed on the ice, but someone that they can rebuild the entire franchise around. Not to mention, he has the competitive fire in him that it takes to win championships, as he has shown with his ability to stand up for himself during games.

As seen on Hawks Insider - "Blackhawks' Connor Bedard Bedard's true colors exposed in warmup video taken by fan"
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