Dirty Minnesota Wild Star Likely to Face Massive Suspension Following Repeat-Offense

Published November 27, 2023 at 9:23
This Minnesota Wild Star is likely to face a suspension after this dirty play, which is a repeat offence.

Hartman's Suspension For Slew Footing Likely To Have Big Impacts on the Wild

In case you missed it, during the Wild versus the Red Wings last night, Ryan Hartman had a dirty slew foot on Detroit's Alex DeBrincat. The trip immediately drew the attention of several Detroit players.

Ryan Hartman slew-footing Alex DeBrincat


Intentional or Unintentional

NHL Player Safety swiftly announced that Hartman would have a hearing today regarding the slew-foot, likely indicating that he will be suspended for the action.

Minnesota's Ryan Hartman will have a hearing tomorrow for slew-footing/tripping Detroit's Alex DeBrincat.

While the play itself is borderline on whether it should be suspendable, the issue here is Hartman's past. Hartman has a long rap sheet with the Department of Player Safety, being suspended twice already in his career and fined 6 times.

This is going to be an expensive suspension for Hartman. He'll be deemed a repeat offender because he was suspended in April for interference on Nikolai Ehlers. He'll be suspended game checks as opposed to days

He has been suspended twice and fined six other times

Hartman And Wild Have Struggles On Display Yesterday

The dirty play could have been a sign of frustration from Hartman, as the Minnesota Wild have struggled out of the gate this year. The team now sits near the bottom of the Central Division at 5-10-4 and lost last night in a brutal fashion against the Red Wings 4-1.

I'm just gonna say it. The Minnesota wild are a tough club to watch. If I'm Billy Guerin I'm going into that locker room and getting in a physical altercation that gets me fired. I'm picking a fight with the entire team and trying to fight them all at once.

With Hartman likely to be out, the Wild will need to find some juice to spark their season.