Marc-Andre Fleury making a save during a game for the Minnesota Wild
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Marc-Andre Fleury makes surprising comments on his future

Published March 30, 2024 at 9:30

With Marc-Andre Fleury on the brink of retirement, there is questions about when he will officially call it, however, now it seems like he could be playing a few more seasons in the NHL.

Marc-Andre Fleury was widely thought to be on his final season in the NHL this year, and that retirement would be on the horizon after the season ended. All signs have pointed to this too, without official confirmation from Fleury of course. He even was emotional in what looked to be his last game in Pittsburgh, a city he spent so much of his career in.

However, that doesn't look like it will be the case anymore. Fleury opened up in an interview saying that the door is as open as it has been for a potential return next season, he just needs to have a few conversations with Wild GM Bill Guerin.

«I'd like to sit down with (Wild GM Bill Guerin) and have a chat with him,» he said. «I want to know what he thinks. What are the plans for the Wild? What are his options? What does he think about me? Am I still an asset for the team?

«We also have another good young goalie in the American Hockey League in (Jesper) Wallstedt. He's been playing in (the AHL) for two years now. I'll need to know Bill's plans.»

Marc-Andre Fleury is undoubtedly going to be a hall-of-famer, however, will he still be wanted on the open market if the Wild don't want him?

The answer to that is probably yes, however, we won't likely see it. He noted in the interview that it will likely be Minnesota or retirement and for a 1-year deal.

«Yeah, it's probably Minnesota or retirement,» he said.

«If I come back, I'd sign a one-year contract. And then, we'll figure it out from there.»

We will see if the Wild are willing to work with Fluery, which all indications point to them doing so.

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