Bruins Fans Angrily Call Out Bruins Management After Handling of Lucic Arrest

Published November 21, 2023 at 9:43
Times are turbulent in Boston after the arrest of long-time Bruin Milan Lucic, and now fans are calling out Bruins' management for their handling of the incident.

Bruins Fans Not Happy With the Current Decisions Around Lucic

Unfortunate news has struck Boston as Milan Lucic was arrested for a domestic issue last week. Lucic was arrested for assault and battery against a family member after he allegedly attacked his wife and pulled her hair. Police reported finding a broken lamp and shards of glass on the scene.

Details: #NHLBruins Milan Lucic to be arraigned in Boston on one count of assault and battery against a family member after he allegedly attacked his wife and pulled her hair.


Police reportedly observed a broken lamp and shards of glass.

The Bruins have responded by placing Lucic on an indefinite leave while the arrest takes place. Fans are not happy with the decision and have taken to social media to call for Lucic's contract termination.

This is the second time within 13 months that the teams captain had to go to bat for off-ice decisions made by management.

It's. Just. Not. Worth. It.

Trouble Hits Paradise As Bruins Dealing With Lucic Arrest Amid Great Season

Lucic has been out of the Bruins lineup with an ankle injury since late October. However, the Bruins have been off to a great start this year, sitting atop the Atlantic with a 13-1-3 record.

NEW VIDEO: Bruins forward Milan Lucic walked into Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday morning to face an assault and battery on a family member charge in connection with his weekend arrest.

Despite this, management will have to take swift action on Lucic to try and help the team out of this mess. They have rightfully vocalized their support for Lucic's family during the incident, and we will see if they will take further action prior to Lucic's arraignment.