Agent Angrily Calls Out Gary Bettman For Embarrassing Rule

Published November 12, 2023 at 10:55
This weekend the NHL made a decision that has been highly criticized. The criticism has extended beyond fans to a players' agent now as well.

Thompson Not Allowed To Customize Mask

This month for the NHL is Hockey Fights Cancer. With this initiative in mind Logan Thompson wanted to add a cancer ribbon to his mask to show support. The NHL declined him the ability to do this in alignment with their rules banning things like specialty jerseys.

Per sources, #VegasBorn goalie Logan Thompson wanted to put a Cancer ribbon on his helmet design but was told he couldn't by the NHL. It is Hockey Fights Cancer Month in the NHL. Thompson is the backup goalie tonight against the #SJSharks. @TheHockeyNews.


Since it was revealed that Thompson was outlawed from making this change many people in the hockey community have reacted in disgust.

Agent Angrily Calls Out Gary Bettman

After this announcement was made fans came ton the defense of Thompson and encouraged him to proceed anyway.

Dude what. Logan Thompson I will pay your fine for you man. DO IT

The outrage extended to an NHL agent Allan Walsh who isn't afraid to use social media to share his feelings.

A NHL goalie wanted to put a Cancer ribbon on his helmet design as part of the NHL's Hockey Fights Cancer Month. The League told him the ribbon is banned and refused to allow it. Where's the common sense?

Walsh called out the NHL and stuck up for Thompson. Walsh is most known for another social media post with Marc-Andre Fleury that inferred the Vegas Golden Knights were stabbing him in the back.

While most agents stay away from social media Walsh has used his to fight for players' right to speak about their situations. The NHL recently backed off of their pride tape ban so let's see if they end up allowing Thompson to change his helmet as well.