Zadorov's Agent Leaks His Client's Next Team

Published November 11, 2023 at 9:52 PM
The Calgary Flames are living up to their name this season as the entire team seems to have spontaneously burst into flames. The team is only ahead of the Oilers and the Sharks in the Standings and now one of their pending UFA defensemen has Formally requested a trade.

Calgary Flames Defenseman Zadorov Requests Trade


At this point it seems as though the Flames are going to be sellers at the trade deadline. They likely would have traded Nikita Zadorov anyways, but now a move may come sooner rather than later as the 28-year-old blueliner has requested a trade and multiple teams could use his services as early as tomorrow. One team that stands out in particular is the Maple Leafs, who desperately need help on the back end.


Toronto may have to wait though as NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reported today that a trade is not imminent. He noted that the Flames will likely want to 'reset the market' for Zadorov after the public trade request lost the team leverage in negotiations.

Zadorov Explicitly Wants To Avoid Winnipeg

This news will come as no surprise to Winnipeg Jets fans, but Zadorov has stated that he wants to avoid Winnipeg is possible. The Northern Canadian city has famously struggled to attract talent due to the mundane nature of the city and surrounding area.

He did state however, that he would be fine if Toronto is his destination. Based on the wording of the post, it seems that Toronto may, in fact, be Zadorov's preferred destination.

At the end of the day, Zadorov has no trade protection in his contract so he essentially has no say in trade negotiations.

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