Patrick Laine Sends a Threat to Player Who Injured Him

Published November 11, 2023 at 6:55 PM
Patrick Laine was knocked out of the lineup for a decent period of time after he took a brutal hit from Rasmus Andersson. Laine had some interesting things to say about the Flames defenseman after returning from the injury.

Laine Returns From Injury Following Andersson's Cheap Shot

Laine returned to the Blue Jackets lineup for the first time today since suffering the injury on October 20th. Andersson was given a four-game suspension for the hit.


Andersson and the Flames would go on to appeal the decision, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman upheld the Department of Player Safety's decision.

Laine 'Pretty Excited' Too Play Andersson, Flames in January

The play in which Laine was injured was particularly disappointing because it came with essentially no time at all left in the game. The play was not only dirty, but completely unnecessary and poorly timed. As a result, tensions between the two teams will likely come back when they play against each other again in January.

Laine has never been known as a fighter but he has fought exactly one time before in the NHL. He fought against Brandon Hagel all the way back on February 13th 2021.

It seems unlikely that he would fight again given his reputation, but perhaps he could. Mark your calendars as the Blue Jackets next play the Flames January 25th.

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