Major Rule Changes Announced by the NHL for this Upcoming Season

Published September 17, 2023 at 3:03 PM
These rules are going to see a big overhaul this upcoming season after the NHL announces some pretty big changes.

Helmets Must Be Worn by Young Players in Warmups

Previously, the NHL only suggested that players wore helmets during warmups. Now, the rules have changed. Players who entered the NHL after 2019 will be required to wear a helmet during warmup after NHL GMs noticed increased injuries from stray pucks.

Say goodbye to seeing the flow from the NHL's young guns.


Illegal Sticks Simplified and More Likely to be Called

The illegal stick rules were previously difficult for refs to consolidate and thus enforce. Now, the rules have been changed to have all illegal stick rules under one rule in the rulebook. This is to ensure that rules are called fairly across the board and empower refs to call out illegal sticks when they see them.

Much Needed Addition to the Coaches Challenge

The Coaches' Challenge also got a boost in the newest rule updates. If a puck goes out of play without the refs noticing it, it is now eligible to be challenged by either coach.

Offside Rules Clarified for Players Leaving the Ice

The offside rule was also changed to add clarification to what occurs when a player leaves the ice, but is still in the attacking zone while offside. The rule now says the following:

"If, during a delayed off-side, an attacking player in the attacking zone chooses to proceed to his players' bench (which extends into the attacking zone) to be replaced by a teammate, he shall be considered to have cleared the zone when both skates are off the ice, and the Linesperson judges him to have left the playing surface."

The NHL is always looking to evolve and change its rules for the betterment of the game. While these rules may or may not result in changes to how the game is played, the NHL continues to improve.

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