UPDATE: Investigation Into Mike Babcock Takes a Major Turn

Published September 14, 2023 at 1:47 PM
Mike Babcock has been surrounded in controversy the past several days. He was accused of an inappropriate action towards his captain Boone Jenner. Then Jenner and Babcock both put out statements denying the incident. Everything seemed resolved. Now new information has opened the case back up.

Original Accusations

For anyone not already familiar with this storyline here is a quick update. Mike Babcock was accused of violating players' privacy by forcing them to allow him to look through their phones.

This accusation came from Spittin Chiclets co-host Paul Bissonnette.


Then Mike Babcock and the Columbus Blue Jackets put out a a statement in reply.

After the reply from Columbus and Babcock rumors began swirling. Former players who had played for Babcock either defended or condemned him. As the day went on yesterday the story quieted down but now new information has broken it wide open again.

NHLPA Executives Heading To Columbus

According to new reports from Elliotte Friedman and Katie Strang the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director of the Players' Association have traveled to Columbus to meet with the team.

As @FriedgeHNIC first reported, exec director Marty Walsh and asst. exec director Ron Hainsey are in Columbus to meet with the Blue Jackets team about the recent allegations against Mike Babcock relating to players' personal devices/ photos.

Given that the NHLPA traveled to Columbus to meet in person w/ the team on this, it's fair to assume concerns about the alleged conduct have escalated. Also reasonable to expect the union will canvas players from Babcock's previous stops to assess whether this happened before.

While this does not confirm the guilt or innocence of Mike Babcock in this incident or other similar it does add legitimacy to the claim. Before today many had wondered how credible Bissonnette's source was. Now with the NHLPA involved there must be credible enough sources that feel something is wrong.

This story doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. As more updates will come in we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on where things are heading.

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