Chris Pronger Reveals the Mistake That Nearly Lost Him Millions

Published September 10, 2023 at 9:34 PM
Chris Pronger nearly lost a million dollars after one teammate made a massive mistake.

Pronger's Hilarious Story

In Chris Pronger's time in St. Louis, he had a $1 million bonus based on his +/- by the end of the season. Pronger recently told a story about how he had the bonus in the bag and just needed to ensure he did not have a bad game.

He mentions how Hall-of-Famer Grant Fuhr was in net and how he made it clear that if he had a bad game, he would lost out on $1 million.


Pronger begins by mentioning how Grant Fuhr, despite having the record for assists by a goalie in a single season, was terrible at playing the puck.

"Arguably one of the worst puck-playing goalies of all time, terrible with the puck," began Pronger. "And I go back and I go into the corner and I'm like 'Fuhrsy Fuhrsy!' and then boom! He smokes me in the chest with the puck."

The stakes of the situation is massive so Pronger's heart was racing after Fuhr let in a softy.

"We're late in the game in the third period and Fuhrsy let's in a s***ty goal," said Pronger. "I've already prepped everybody, it's a meaningless game other than that bonus and I'm like 'Hey! You know what this means man c'mon."

Fuhr clearly did not care all that much as he quipped back with a legendary response.

"Oh! Hey Prongs... is there a bonus on the line? You want me to funnel another one in?" - Grant Fuhr

Here is the full video of Pronger saying his side of the story:

As seen on Hockey Feed - Pronger on how Fuhr nearly cost him a million dollars.