Insider Leaks Patrick Kane's NHL Future

Published August 12, 2023 at 9:17 PM
After a brief stint with the New York Rangers a season ago, Patrick Kane remains a free agent at this point in time, and it appears his future may not be decided for quite some time.

A Ranger again?


Kane reportedly loved his time with the Rangers last season, and would be very open to a reunion in The Big Apple, but according to The Athletic's Arthur Staple, there's a very good chance of that happening.

In a best-case scenario, the Rangers don't need Kane they will have adopted Laviolette's system quickly, the pieces added in free agency will fall into place and all will be well by November.

Things don't usually work like that, though. And if Chris Drury decides, as he did at the deadline this past season, that the lineup is crying out for Kane, he'll move mountains to get it done, even though moving mountains in March didn't really work out.

And then Kane has to choose them. He might choose Edmonton or Colorado, or maybe Buffalo, depending on who can squeeze a modest cap hit in and which team Kane feels has the best chance to win. I have heard he really enjoyed his brief Rangers stint and would love a shot to show what he can do there when healthy, which he definitely was not in the spring.

From that report, it appears as though Kane may start the season as a free agent, and if the Rangers get off to a slow start, he could be added, but with a few teams looming, this situation becomes very interesting.

Other interested parties

One more interesting piece of information in that report is that Edmonton, Colorado or Buffalo could all be looking to add the three-time Stanley Cup Champion, who could have mutual interest with any contender.

Ultimately, this is a veteran star with Championship experience, and if he decides to end up anywhere other than New York, he could be a difference maker for many teams.

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