NHL Insider Reveals the Highest Value Contracts in the NHL

Published June 3, 2023 at 2:03 PM
In a recent article for The Athletic, Harman Dayal revealed every team's best contract and some players will surprise you.

NHL Insider Reveals the Highest Value Contracts in the NHL

Everybody knows the value of a good contract. Paying under-market value for any star player is certainly a good deal that allows their team to address needs elsewhere.

In a new article, Harman Dayal shared what he thought was each team's best contract based on statistician Dom Luszczyszyn's model.

Here are the three most surprising best contracts around the league.

#3. Mark Giordano

On a Leafs team with William Nylander being paid under $7 million, Dayal determined Mark Giordano's contract to be the best. Taking a deeper look into it, it makes a lot of sense. Giordano only made $800,000 last year and was on the Leafs' top four and played like it.

While I think Nylander, who was top 20 in NHL scoring and had one of the cheapest contracts in the top 20, may have provided more value, the value Giordano provided per dollar puts him over Nylander.

#2. Trevor Van Riemsdyk

It seems like Trevor Van Riemsdyk has finally come into his own. An afterthought for anybody who is not a Caps fan, TVR quietly put up excellent advanced numbers. This is surprising considering Dylan Strome played quite well for Washington and is second in team scoring on only a $3.5 million contract.

TVR is one of those players that you won't notice much but that is a good thing because it means that he is not being exploited by the other team.

#1. Sebastian Aho

Nope, not the Hurricanes star forward Sebastian Aho, this is Islanders defenseman Sebastian Aho. While Dayal acknowledges that the Islanders' best contract is Ilya Sorokin, they only analyze skaters and for what he brings, Sebastian Aho is the Islanders' most valuable skater based on the dollar amount.

While just a depth piece, he has carved out a role for himself at the NHL level.

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