Jamie Benn Releases Official Statement Ahead of Game Six Return

Published May 29, 2023 at 7:10 PM
Jamie Benn was suspended for two games following an incredibly dangerous cross-check to the head of Vegas Captain Mark Stone. The event took place in the opening minutes of game three of the Western Conference Final, which Dallas lost, to put them down 0-3 in the series versus Vegas. Since then, Dallas has won games four and five, and are looking to even the score during game six tonight. With Benn returning to the lineup tonight, he had some comments on his team's effort.

Benn Commends Stars' Effort

As the Stars prepare for an all-important game six against Vegas tonight, Jamie Benn spoke to the media. His two-game suspension is officially over, and he'll look to help his team even the series at three wins apiece. This is what he had to say when asked about his absence.

»I was praying we were going to play two solid games just to get another chance and another kick at it here. I'm really proud of the guys.

It sucks watching, especially in playoffs.

The guys had two gutsy efforts.»

This is high praise from their captain, and should certainly act as a confidence booster ahead of the game.

Fans Clap Back at Benn

Not all fans were thrilled with Benn's antics and were sure to let him know it. Many pointed out that Dallas didn't start winning against Vegas until Benn sat out due to his suspension, and suggested that he was the reason they were losing.

While we can't be sure of Benn's impact on the ice, we're confident that Benn and the Stars will give it their all tonight.

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