Jamie Benn Reveals What He Truly Thinks About His Cross-Check on Mark Stone

Published May 24, 2023 at 1:23 PM
One of the biggest topics of conversation in last night's game between Dallas and Vegas was Jamie Benn's dangerous cross-check on Mark Stone. The play saw Benn get ejected from the game, and he will now have a hearing with the league's Department of Player Safety. He has finally shared his thoughts on the incident.

Benn Defends His Actions

When asked about the incredibly dangerous cross-check he laid to the face of Mark Stone, Jamie Benn claimed that he fell on Stone, and used his stick as a landing point. He says he wishes he hadn't used his stick as a landing point but hasn't reached out to Stone yet.


Instead of taking ownership of this dangerous action and apologizing to the victim, he doubled down and defended his actions. That's not what we hoped to hear from the Dallas captain.

Benn Looking at Possible Suspension

As we already said, the NHL and Benn will have a hearing over the incident, and if it's deemed necessary, Benn could be suspended by the league. We've certainly seen players suspended for less, so it'll be interesting to see how the league approaches this case.

We should get a verdict on the hearing later today, so stay tuned for that decision.

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