Report: Gary Bettman Makes Major Decision on Coyotes' Relocation; Major City Ruled Out

Published May 23, 2023 at 9:41
With all the talk surrounding the Arizona Coyotes in the past week, many fans have speculated on where they'd like to see the franchise moved to. Major cities like Houston, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Quebec City, and even Hartford have been tossed around in discussions, but one major city is reportedly not an option for the NHL.

Bettman Says Goodbye to Houston, For Now

According to a recent report, Houston is not an option on the table for a potential Coyotes relocation, as the NHL would like to save that market for an expansion team. They think they could make more money in Houston if they were to expand into it, rather than relocate an existing franchise there.

This is disappointing for many Houston hockey fans, who hoped to finally see an NHL team in their own city. But for fans of other cities in the mix, this means one less competitor.

NHL Does Like Houston

If the NHL won't move the Coyotes to Houston, that means they really like the market and do want to move there, just not with one of their worst-performing teams. A new and exciting expansion team would be the perfect scenario for Houston, and the NHL is right to wait on this one.

Is this the right decision, or is Bettman just money hungry?

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