Father Starts a Petition Against Gary Bettman's Greedy Advertising

Published May 21, 2023 at 11:38 PM
The NHL brought in a new revenue stream this year in its digital ad boards. Unfortunately, this has made the game we love inaccessible for some people.

Now, a father is demanding change.

Petition Against the Ad Boards

It's no secret that money is the top priority for the NHL, and this has been highlighted by the controversial digital ad boards.


While many simply dislike the technology for its distracting colours and animations, for some, it is limiting their love of the game entirely.

For people with neurological disorders, the boards can make hockey completely unwatchable.

For a father, who's 5-year-old daughter suffers from epilepsy, complacency isn't an option.

He has now started a petition against Gary Bettman's controversial tech:


Twitter user Sebastian Jackson took to the platform to share his petition:

If every single one of my followers signed and retweeted this petition to demand the NHL fix the issues with the digital board and on ice ads, it might be enough for them to change it. Please help by signing and retweeting. I'd appreciate it

In the petition, he shared his story:


My name is Sebastian (He/Him)

I am a father of two. My daughter Sophia who is 5 is a die hard hockey fan just like her parents. Since the day she was born, she's had a jersey on and a collection in her closet and we've watched hundreds of games together.


This season, the NHL has introduced digital ads on the boards and ice. People with epilepsy which is a neurological disorder that my daughter Sophia lives with have been experiencing symptoms that trigger seizures when watching games in which digital ads are glitching. Symptoms include headaches, fevers, blurred vision, breathing issues and bladder issues.

This goes beyond people with epilepsy. It also does harm to potentially all who experience neurological issues and disabilities.

All we are asking, rather demanding for the safety of everyone is that the National Hockey League work to take down these ads as they currently are, fix the issues and then proceed forward in a safe manner.

The issues include severe glitching, players getting lost or disappearing into the ads, the puck tracking along the boards causes issues, depending on jersey colors, the on ice ad's cause glitches and many more.

The NHL has been consistent in worrying more about profits instead of the health and safety of many involved in the game. This goes beyond what we're doing here.

So my question to Gary Bettman and the NHL is, does it bother you that a 5-year old girl who has been a hockey fan since birth has experienced seizure symptoms because of your product. Put profits aside for 5 minutes, fix the problem and lets make this game better.

Join me in demanding better from the National Hockey League. Help me make this game enjoyable again for those who suffer with neurological disabilities.

Thank you.

If you would like to sign the petition, you can click here.