NHL Legend Hints at Possible Return

Published May 19, 2023 at 11:53
Perhaps no player was more iconic throughout the 2000s than Pavel Datsyuk. His wizardry with the puck made him a real treat to watch every night, and he's been sorely missed in the NHL.

Datsyuk Eying a Return?

Since leaving the KHL two seasons ago, Pavel Datsyuk has not played a single game of professional hockey. The 44-year-old hasn't played an NHL game since 2016, but that isn't stopping him from trying to make a comeback. He had this to say when asked about his playing career.

"I don't say goodbye to hockey."


Datsyuk's English isn't the best, but the message is clear. Datsyuk wants to keep playing, and we want to continue watching him.

Where Could Datsyuk Return?

It's all but certain that Datsyuk won't be returning to the NHL after two full seasons away from professional hockey, and while he could potentially return to the KHL, a lower-tier professional league is the likeliest option.

Perhaps Datsyuk could play in the Czech Extraliga with fellow NHL legend Jaromir Jagr, or even in one of the lower-tier Russian leagues, such as the VHL.

Wherever Datsyuk makes his return, fans will be sure to tune in.

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