Kevin Cheveldayoff & Jets Personnel Furious Over Blown Call Which Led to Tying Goal

Published November 26, 2022 at 5:14 PM
The Winnipeg Jets were absolutely livid during their game against the Dallas Stars on Friday night, when the Dallas Stars scored a late game-tying goal while Connor Hellebuyck's mask was knocked off his head. Normally, when a goalie's mask gets knocked off, play is immediately called dead. For whatever reason, this play was allowed to continue, putting the Jets' goaltender at risk and also knotting the game up in the dying minutes.

According to the Jets' beat reporter, Mike McIntyre, the Jets' brass is furious about it, and GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has gone to the league for an explanation. Cheveldayoff has a point, as his starting goaltender - one of the NHL's best - was put in danger AND the blown call almost cost the Jets a point.

Earlier on Saturday, Connor Hellebuyck was asked about it, and he expressed gratitude that he had a night to sleep on it because he was so emotional after the fact. Hellebuyck said that the referees failed to do their job and put him in danger. He spoke eloquently enough, considering how angry he likely was in the aftermath.

The past week - seemingly, anyway - has seen an uptick in visibly poor officiating. Refs don't have the easiest job in the world, but they have ample opportunity to make sure the right call was made. So when they don't - in any professional sports league - it is extremely frustrating.

The NHL's situation room needs to get these decisions correct, plain and simple. Both for the safety of its players but also for the integrity of the game.

The Jets won this game in overtime, thanks to Josh Morrissey, so - puck don't lie.
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