Photo of a post from a fan asking Matt Rempe to go on a date with them
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Matt Rempe targeted online by stalker teenage girl

Published June 8, 2024 at 8:10 PM

Matt Rempe, the rookie New York Rangers center, has had quite a successful debut season. Fans love his willingness to entertain the crowd by dropping the gloves. Rempe has recently become the target of a different, and more obsessive fan base

Matt Rempe, who is nearly twenty-two years old, has recently received a ton of attention from college aged women. Rempe has demonstrated his maturity with his refusal to entertain or acknowledge any of the posts. It is evident that he has without a doubt seen a few of them.

The sudden influx of fame and attention can be quite intimidating, especially with an audience as intense as New York. Rempe has demonstrated that he is quite capable of handling fans who take things a little too far. It is currently unknown why Rempe has become so popular amongst college aged women.

A majority of these posts demonstrate that many of these fans have developed some sort of creepy parasocial relationship with Rempe. A few of the posts definitely cross the line with what is appropriate to comment about some one, even if that person is a celebrity.

Celebrities have always been the target of inappropriate attention from fans, but the adoption of social media has further enabled these inappropriate sentiments. Rempe has shown that he is quite mature with how he has handled these inappropriate advances.

Source: Blade of Steel
New York Rangers Matt Rempe takes new attention in stride
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