PK Subban in a live intervention on ESPN.
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PK Subban calls out Jacob Trouba for dirty elbow to the head

Published May 27, 2024 at 11:28

PK Subban called out the New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba for his dirty elbow to the head of Florida Panthers' Evan Rodrigues.

In yesterday's game between the Rangers and the Panthers, Jacob Trouba, was once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. He delivered a massive elbow hit to Evan Rodrigues of the Florida Panthers. The incident, which only resulted in a minor penalty for Trouba, could have had more severe consequences for Rodrigues.

"Why even bother taking the body when you can just elbow them in head?" - Jacob Trouba probably

The former NHLer and current ESPN analyst PK Subban did not mince words when he shared his thoughts on the situation in a live intervention.

According to him, it wasn't a hockey play and Trouba should've received a five-minute penalty.

Clearly NOT a hockey play

If the NHL's Department of Safety decides to not suspend him, it's safe to say that the Panthers could decide to take matters into their own hands and retaliate on Trouba during the next game.

However, according to Subban, the League should do something about the hit. If they ever decide to do so, we'll know later today.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Do you agree with PK Subban about Jacob Trouba's hit on Evan Rodrigues?

Source: House of Hockey - Subban shares his take on Trouba's elbowing incident yesterday
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