New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba hitting Florida Panthers Evan Rodrigues in the head with an elbow.
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Jacob Trouba may face suspension for dirty elbow

Published May 26, 2024 at 5:11 PM

Today in the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers game defenseman Jacob Trouba laid a dirty elbow hit on Evan Rodrigues that could lead to a suspension.

New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba is once again going viral for a questionable hit he delivered to an opponent. This time a huge elbow that looks to clearly be intended to hit Panthers Evan Rodrigues in the head.

Jacob Trouba's elbow on Evan Rodrigues 2 minute minor. #NYR #TimeToHunt

The play would be reviewed before Jacob Trouba would only be given a two minute minor for elbowing. Despite the lack of a penalty call on the play Jacob Trouba could still face suspension discipline. Fans on social media have been outraged that the referees did not handle things better on the ice.

2 minutes is absurd

Jacob Trouba is the Draymond Green of the NHL, only the NHL refs don't have the stones to throw his cheap a** out

How one of the most blatant & intentional elbows of his career (which is saying a lot) isn't a major just doesn't make any sense. What a joke. Dude's a total clown

As the game goes on it will be interesting to see if the Florida Panthers try to get revenge on Jacob Trouba. Luckily for the Panthers Evan Rodrigues is okay and has returned to the ice. With one period to go the New York Rangers lead by 2.
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