Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs during an interview after a game.
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Maple Leafs to use massive financial advantage in Mitch Marner trade

Published May 26, 2024 at 10:19

A new report has surfaced that suggests that the Toronto Maple Leafs may be willing to use their financial strength to further a trade of Mitch Marner.

The talk of the offseason in Toronto has been whether or not they will opt to trade Mitch Marner, despite him having a no-move clause. There is a clear movement from the fanbase that they want a change in the core, and Marner's past playoff performances have put the target squarely on his back.

However, there is another roadblock in trading Marner that may have been an obstacle for other franchises. Marner is due for a 7.5 million dollar signing bonus, and now it has been reported that MLSE isn't afraid of paying this out and still moving Marner, in order to have a sweetened deal.

One thing to consider, if Toronto goes down this path, they will want to maximize a return, and MLSE isn't afraid to flex their financial muscles and pay Marner's upcoming $7.25 million bonus before finalizing a trade.

There are clearly a lot of teams that would benefit from adding Marner to their roster, and mock trade packages have been popping up all over social media. However, since Marner is such a high-value player, the packages may seem a bit out there for Leaf fans, especially considering Marner will have to sign off on where he is going.

i'm out of of retirement and coming out swinging. let's look at some teams with potential marner trade packages, shall we?

While there is a lot of talk about what the Leafs will do with their core for next season, it seems to be more and more likely that Marner is moved out of Toronto, or at the minimum, isn't signed for an extension. The Leafs are clearly going to be a new team in the near future.

As seen on Hockey Patrol Leafs to flex financial muscle to facilitate Mitch Marner trade
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