Nikita Zadorov of the Vancouver Canucks
Photo credit: NHL

Nikita Zadorov roasts Edmonton and Calgary reporters in interview

Published May 24, 2024 at 9:03

Nikita Zadorov of the Vancouver Canucks always knows how to lighten the mood, whether he's out on the ice or chatting off it.

During his exit interview with the team, Zadorov kept things lively with some playful quotes about his contract situation, and took shots at Edmonton media leaving everyone in a good mood as they wrapped things up for the summer break.

When asked about his future with the Canucks, he couldn't help but tease the media and contract rumors floating around.

Do you think I've priced myself out? I don't know where they're getting those numbers. Are they plucking them from the trees? Maybe they've been chatting too much with those Edmonton reporters who think they're negotiating my contract.

That's regular Zadorov for you, and along the lines of how he acts. He's always ready with a quick with a nice retort. Yet, he also had some words for the Canucks fan base and also to snuck in a playful dig at Calgary media.

Hockey in Canada is different. I can't compare it to Calgary, but I feel like the Vancouver fan base is way bigger. Calgary isn't even the number one team in Alberta, so it's kind of like obvious there are more Edmonton fans because they have a bigger history.

As for what's next for him and the team, it's a mystery as an unrestricted free agent . With Zadorov heading into the unknown, it's unclear where he'll end up next season. However, we know he will undoubtedly to bring that big personality along with him and entertain the next big media market out there.
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