Brock Boeser of the Vancouver Canucks.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Brock Boeser breaks the silence on his blood clot

Published May 23, 2024 at 2:28 PM

Brock Boeser missed a crucial game seven after discovering a medical emergency, and now the Canucks star has opened up on what caused his blood clotting.

Blood clots are a genuine medical issue, so much so that they kept Vancouver Canucks forward Brock Boeser out of a critical home game seven against the Edmonton Oilers, one his team would go on to lose 3-2. Now, the young forward has revealed what caused the clotting that forced him to miss game seven.

Boeser says a shot block in Game 1 vs EDM led to a bruise that caused some complications and led to clotting issue

Boeser revealed that the blood clot came as a result of blocking a shot early in game one, with the medical issue taking a few days to become present, which just shows how much risk there is when putting your body on the line in the playoffs.

This is a brutal break for Boeser, who was having a fantastic run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it's clear that he was very emotional about missing a major game in his first playoff run.

Thankfully it appears Boeser will be okay moving forward, with a long summer ahead to recover and get set for the 2024-25 campaign, but it was an unfortunate ending to such a promising season for Boeser and the Canucks. B
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