Valeri Nichushkin in action with the Colorado Avalanche.
Photo credit: Jess Starr - The Hockey Writers

Colorado Avalanche GM confirms Valeri Nichushkin's future in the NHL

Published May 23, 2024 at 12:21

The general manager of the Colorado Avalanche Chris MacFarland confirmed Valeri Nichushkin's future in the NHL during a press conference.

Nichushkin's impressive performances in the playoffs of 10 points in nine games, were quickly forgotten when abandoned his team during the second round against the Dallas Stars. The Russian forward failed a drug test, was suspended six months by the NHL and placed on the third phase of the Player Assistance Program, completely breaking the organization's trust.

Since then, there's been a lot of speculation about the future of Nichushkin in the NHL and with the Colorado Avalanche organization.

Chris MacFarland, the team's General Manager, opened up about that issue in his end-of-season media availability. He stated that while terminating his contract isn't an option at this point, it won't be easy to rebuilt that trust:

"MacFarland confirms termination of Nichushkin's contract «at this point, is not an option.»

Says rebuilding that trust will be difficult."

"It's very plausible that he will be back with the Avalanche."

While no team wants to be associated with a cheater, they can't terminate contracts that easily.

They still have the option of buying him out, but it'll give the team a major disadvantage for the future on the salary cap. It would also be surprising to see them being able to pull off a trade, considering Nichushkin's $6,125,000 AAV contract with a no-movement clause and his reputation.

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