New York Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren shoving Florida Panthers forward Ryan Lomberg into goalie Igor Shesterkin during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals in New York.
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NHL refs under fire for controversial call in Rangers/Panthers game

Published May 23, 2024 at 9:33

Last night a review of a goal scored by Ryan Lomberg from the referees in Game 1 between the Florida Panthers and New York Rangers is causing controversy.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are all about high levels of drama. Last night's game between the Florida Panthers and New York Rangers lived up to the hype in that regard. A goal scored by Florida Panthers Ryan Lomberg to put his team up 2-0 was reviewed for goalie interference.

This is currently being challenged for goaltender interference, thoughts?

#TimeToHunt | #NYR

Ryan Lomberg on the play looks to be shoved into the New York Rangers goalie Igor Shesterkin which usually allows a goal to stand. However, the referees determined that Ryan Lomberg did not do enough to get out of the way and called goalie interference wiping out the goal.

The Rangers successfully challenge for goaltender interference

The game remains 1-0 Panthers

This call by the refs has left fans frustrated and confused with how goalie interference is interpreted. As the years have gone on this type of call has become more subjective leading to more questionable decisions made by the referees.

Oh shocker we have another goalie interference call that no one knows if its a goal or not

No goal because apparently now a player being shoved onto the goalie IS goaltender interference

This outrage from fans has led to the realization that many want a more simple rule when it comes to goaltender interference. One that is more black and white and less open to referee interpretation. We will have to wait until the offseason to see if the NHL even considers this type of change.

Source: Hockey Feed - Another controversial goalie interference call that changes the game! This time in Game 1 of the Eastern conference final:
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