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Alex Ovechkin's bank accounts frozen following accusations of crime

Published May 22, 2024 at 2:02 PM

Alex Ovechkin has done a great job of staying out of controversy for the most part but recently he had his bank accounts frozen after failing to pay some taxes.

Recently Alex Ovechkin made headlines for all of the wrong reasons as he failed to pay some of his taxes resulting in his bank accounts being frozen.

"Championat reports that Alex Ovechkin's professional bank account has been frozen due to a 543 US dollar debt in federal taxes.

It's not a good time to owe money to the government over there, I suppose." - Andrew Zadarnowski

A source close to Ovechkin explained the situation at hand.

Here's what a source close to Ovi told Match TV

"Ovechkin himself does not owe anything, this is a technical error. The individual entrepreneur does not conduct commercial activities; it only has patents for Alexander's trademarks. Our accountant is looking into this now"

Ovechkin makes an AAV of $9,500,000 based on his contract with the capitals and likely makes even more due to other ventures and investments such as his clothing brand. He will likely sort this out soon enough and will go back to be able to access his accounts.

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Alex Ovechkin's bank account has been frozen by the government
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